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Back to the 60’s at my bank

My wife says that anytime a company sends you a letter that starts with the phrase “In order to serve you better”, you can be certain that something is about to get much worse for you. Case in point: recently … Continue reading

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The Record That Could Not Be Broken

In case you missed the announcement: for many years the conventional wisdom said that the viewership record for the last episode of M*A*S*H (1983) would never be broken, as the number of available channels had greatly expanded and people’s viewing … Continue reading

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Louisville Real Estate Tip

If you move to Louisville, choose a house with a short driveway.  And preferably one with a slight incline.  Else you may, as I did this morning, spend a hour and a half shoveling it out.

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“The Snow Belt”, formerly known as “The South”

After spending the evening on Beale Street in Memphis last night, my wife watching the Super Bowl, I went to bed, expecting the forecasted snow showers and rain in the morning to slow down our trip back home. Instead, I … Continue reading

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Restaurant-hopping on Beale Street

Super Bowl Sunday, and we’re back in downtown Memphis. We head down to Beale Street to see if anything’s open and if we can watch the football game there. First stop was the Blues City Cafe on the corner of … Continue reading

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Boiled Crawfish!

No, Louisville is not known for its boiled crawfish.  But tonight we found ourselves in Fernwood, Mississippi, home of Fernwood Seafood, a surprisingly good restaurant for being (forgive the expression, Fernwoodians) in the middle of nowhere.  Delicious boiled crawfish, fried … Continue reading

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