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Fern Creek Roadtrip

Roadtrip!  To Fern Creek, Kentucky! Actually not as much of a road trip as you might think; Fern Creek is a suburb of Louisville about ten minutes down the road from our house.  We only seem to make a trip … Continue reading

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I’ve said it before, but I still don’t understand how it can get so hot in a place where it snows.

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Historic times

I took Grandchild 1 back to Indiana today to see the museum at the Falls of Ohio.  This time we learned about how the Ohio River Valley was formed, how the indigenous people of the region lived, how the U.S. … Continue reading

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At the zoo

Tonight we went to the zoo, courtesy of Norton Healthcare, one of the local hospital/doctor chains.  I’d like to think that we were there as part of their healthcare outreach initiative (promoting healthy lifestyles, early disease detection, etc), but perhaps … Continue reading

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How to get in shape

Yesterday I took Grandchild 1 downtown to the big spray park and playground.  We ran around for about two and a half hours, climbing the hills and monkey bars and spinning on that spinning thing which was my favorite piece … Continue reading

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Old stuff. Really old stuff.

During the summer, like right now, it doesn’t always rain a whole lot here, and the Ohio river gets low.  This was a problem back in the day when getting around the Midwest meant going up and down the Ohio … Continue reading

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