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The 2019 Bowman Festival of airplanes. And a bunch of other stuff these days to get more people in, but I’m really only interested in the airplanes. There was a classic Bell 47 flying all day. The Bell 47 was … Continue reading

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We Wuz Robbed!

Our annual trip to the Kentucky State Fair (We went on Senior Day, and got in free). It was hot, as usual. There were very few parking lot shuttles; nowhere near enough for the demand on such a day. There … Continue reading

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Chicago Summertime

We took a quick trip up to Chicago this weekend. Summertime is a nice time to visit Chicago, although you can get a little sweaty. I took the time to visit some parts of town that I hadn’t seen before. … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

CVH and I celebrated our nth anniversary this weekend. First, we checked into a local hotel: There was a Whole Foods nearby, where we discovered that for $5 to $10 you can get a healthy, tasty meal. Considering that you … Continue reading

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Along with a bunch of other geezers, we went to the Abbey Road On The River Beatles festival today. We had to walk across the long bridge to get there. The festival used to be held on the Louisville side … Continue reading

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Chaney’s Dairy Barn

We stopped at this local Bowling Green institution for lunch. All the food was very fresh, and they had a good selection of ice cream, which I took advantage of: As you can see from that paunch, I regularly partake … Continue reading

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The Reception

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The Wedding

Our son got married today.

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The Millennial Mind

Overheard in the Y locker room: “What if K.C. went ahead and left without us?” “He didn’t.” “How do you know?” “I have his phone in my pocket.” (Cf. Forgotten Baby Syndrome)

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Grocery Store Enigma

At supermarkets there are several large signs on the side and back walls. These include “Deli”, “Dairy”, “Produce”, “Meat”, and “Seafood”. I’ve always wondered about “Meat” and “Seafood”. Isn’t seafood meat? Shouldn’t it be “Seafood” and “Landfood”? Or the “Meat” … Continue reading

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