Do they need to see the doctor?

Yesterday afternoon it got up to thirty-eight degrees outside, so I decided to go for a jog in the park on the way home.  There were a few other joggers and runners there, as well as the usual number of dog walkers.  Everyone was reasonably attired for the weather: gloves, tights or sweats, hats (except for some young women runners who had very thick hair), and so on.

This morning I went to the Kroger to pick up a couple of items.  It was twenty degrees.  There is a big difference between thirty-eight degrees and twenty degrees.  The parking lot was relatively empty when I got to the store; most of the usual Saturday morning crowd was clearly staying home.  But the strange thing was how the people who were there were dressed.  Mostly sweatshirts and windbreakers.  The only hat I saw was a baseball cap, and the only gloves were on an elderly man who had probably just put them on out of habit.  These people are clearly insufficiently dressed for the conditions.  I can only conclude that something was preventing them from properly feeling the cold, and that they really should get that looked at.

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