Happy Anniversary

CVH and I celebrated our nth anniversary this weekend.

First, we checked into a local hotel:

Whole FoodsThere was a Whole Foods nearby, where we discovered that for $5 to $10 you can get a healthy, tasty meal. Considering that you would spend that amount for crap from some fast-food joint, it makes Whole Foods a bargain, and I never thought I’d say those words.

After eating lunch there, we picked up some items for that evening’s dinner.

The shopping mall was also right around the corner.

What I should have worn

We walked the entire mall. According to CVH’s FitBit, this was over ten thousand steps. I discovered that, at least at my age, ten thousand steps in a pair of cheap sneakers is a lot different than ten thousand steps in a pair of Merrells.


The mall still appears to be a going concern, although today’s tenant stores suggest that a lower-profit margin market is moving in, and I suspect that means lower rents. We shopped the clearance rack at JC Penney’s, and bought chocolate and candy at the candy store. The record store is still there, although much smaller (a discount shoe store is in its old location); CVH got a Temptations and a Diana Ross CD. We needed a entertainment option for the evening, and I found a DVD of Scorsese’s The Aviator. One of my favorite movies; I got it for $3, a sacrilege.

The next morning, we walked across the street to the fancy gym and relaxed in the hot tub before coming home. Do I know how to show a girl a good time, or what?

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Along with a bunch of other geezers, we went to the Abbey Road On The River Beatles festival today.

We had to walk across the long bridge to get there. The festival used to be held on the Louisville side of the river, but then there was some sort of dispute between the organizers and the host hotel, so the organizers moved to the Indiana side. CVH told me that things must be better for them there, as she read they signed a contract to host the festival there for the next five years. I said “That ought to carry them through to where we all start dying off, or they move this thing to the nursing home.”

We saw several great tribute bands, including The Starclubbers, Itchycoo Park, Classicstone, Beatline, George Harry’s Son, and LSB Experience. We sang along to “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “Bésame Mucho”, “Piggies”, “It’s All So Beautiful”, and other hits. Yes, that last was Small Faces, not The Beatles, but they have dozens of bands over five days, so they have to stretch things out a little.

At one point the skies opened and the rain poured, causing the festival to shut down. I started the Woodstock “No rain!” chant, but for some reason, nobody picked up on it. Strange.

That guy in the front was really tall.

CVH as George
CVH…well, you know
The French Lick people were giving away little giraffes. I don’t think this had anything to do with The Beatles, though.
And we walked across the long bridge to head home.
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Chaney’s Dairy Barn

We stopped at this local Bowling Green institution for lunch. All the food was very fresh, and they had a good selection of ice cream, which I took advantage of:

As you can see from that paunch, I regularly partake of ice cream. I also purchased a nice souvenir mug:

I particularly liked it because it’s the color of a carton of Blue Bell. Perfect for sipping coffee. Or you could eat ice cream out of it.

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The Reception

Cut The Cake
Smash The Cake
No Job is Finished Until the Paperwork is Completed
Surveying the Dance Floor
Get Your Dancin’ Boots On
Hit The Floor
It Wouldn’t Be a Wedding Without Cornhole
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The Wedding

Our son got married today.

The Gorgeous Bride
The Happy Couple
The “old” family
The “new” family
Girls getting ready
The Crazy Girls
It’s Official
Some old geezer with his trophy wife
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The Millennial Mind

Overheard in the Y locker room:

“What if K.C. went ahead and left without us?”

“He didn’t.”

“How do you know?”

“I have his phone in my pocket.”

(Cf. Forgotten Baby Syndrome)

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Grocery Store Enigma

grocery cart

At supermarkets there are several large signs on the side and back walls. These include “Deli”, “Dairy”, “Produce”, “Meat”, and “Seafood”.

I’ve always wondered about “Meat” and “Seafood”. Isn’t seafood meat? Shouldn’t it be “Seafood” and “Landfood”? Or the “Meat” sign with subheaders “Surf” and “Turf”? Or just one big sign that says “Food”?

This one ranks right up there with Interstate highways in Hawaii.

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Cruel Tease

CVH attended a B2B expo.

There were several catering companies there.

She brought me back a menu from a BBQ company. Memphis pulled pork, ribs, sliced brisket; all cooked in their pits and smokers fresh each day. A selection of sauces: Memphis, Carolina, Sweet & Sour Mustard, and Hot Pepper.

“We’re having kale for supper,” she said.

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Life, part two

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Life, part one

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