Merchandise Mart

Nothing particularly special, it’s just that I went by the Merchandise Mart on my walk this morning, and thought it looked really nice in the sun.

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Chalk Howard Street

We took the L up to Rogers Park and the Chalk Howard Street festival.

Chalk artists from around the country came to chalk up Howard Street, including this shot of Chicago native Harrison Ford climbing up out of the ground.

Of course there were food and games. CVH played Jenga with other festival goers (I did not realize this was one of her talents), and had fataya from Badou Senegalese. We also bought some vinegars from Made With Love Organic Vinegars, and bread pudding from the Caribbean American Baking Company. Bob’s Red Mill was handing out free oatmeal and granola, so we got that, too.


A local artist had these Chicago winter prints, and now CVH has one to hang by her desk. As if we didn’t get enough Chicago winter as it is.

I took advantage of this trip to take CVH into Lost Eras (since 1969), one of those unbelievable “antique” stores that are full of more stuff than you thought existed.

Lost Eras in 1975

I can’t imagine how they run a business like this. I’m thinking the money-making part is in costumes and the occasional actual antique, but all that other stuff, and there is a lot of it – would have to be a cost accounting nightmare.

The hard-working Alderwoman who represents Rogers Park, Maria Hadden, was there and we spoke with her briefly.

Maria Hadden

There are very few policy issues on which I agree with Ald. Hadden, but she is certainly committed to her causes and seems honest, not something one always finds in a Chicago politician.

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Admit it: all your life, you’ve wanted to vacation in Milwaukee. Yet, despite the planning and scheming, it hasn’t happened yet. Well, we made the dream a reality.

CVH wanted to go to the state fair. There is an Illinois state fair in Springfield, but then we saw that the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee was closer and there were more things to do in Milwaukee.

So we caught the Amtrak to Milwaukee.

Our Train

The train dropped us off downtown, a short walk from our hotel. It was a lovely hotel, in a restored pre-civil war building. Our room had twelve-foot ceilings, distressed wood floors, and was very nice.

The Hotel

There are a lot of these old, impressive buildings in Milwaukee.

A surprising number of downtown buildings have large clocks.

The most amazing thing is that all the clocks work! No excuse for being late in Milwaukee.

Our hotel was also a block from Milwaukee Public Market, a food mall full of wonderful restaurants, bakeries, and toothsome delights.

Milwaukee Public Market – Eat here!

We walked down to the lakefront, and CVH claims the ducks in Milwaukee are extra large.

Big ducks?

The Milwaukee Art Museum is on the lake, and it sports a dramatic Calatrava-designed entry building.

The large “wings” open and close. We got to watch them close:

The next day we went to the State Fair. The Milwaukee bus #18 takes you from downtown right to the State Fair gate.

At the fair, we saw good looking dairy cows.

And young cows:

There was a substantial dairy display.

CVH with Wisconsin “cow”.

There was steer judging.

Of course, we also saw goats and sheep and chickens.

We tried a lot of fair food, including the 1st place contest winner, a pretzel-wrapped brat with jalapeños.

We were informed that it’s pronounced “brought”, not “brat”.

We visited the maple producers booth, and the honey producers booth.

The Case tractor people had a contest to test your farming knowledge. There were questions such as “The corn head cross auger pitch allows for better (pick one):”. Somehow CVH got the right answer to her question about rice, and won a hat. I think it makes me look like a real farmer:

After the fair, we went to the Milwaukee Art Museum and saw,among other things, their exhibit of Jules Chéret posters.

Friday we went shopping along Brady Street. We bought some cat toys at Pets on Brady, went to Glorioso’s Italian Market and the Peter Sciorino Bakery, and I even got a haircut at Classic’s Barbershop.

Everyone should have a vacation in Milwaukee.

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Cat Video Fest 2022

How can anyone possibly resist?

We had a great time, as always. Seen in the beautiful 1929 Music Box Theatre, the way movies are meant to be seen. Lots of popcorn, and a hugely appreciative crowd.

There was an announcement that there will be a Dog Video Fest next year, but I’m having trouble imagining that. It certainly won’t be anything like cat videos.

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Pride Parade

I walked down the street to watch this year’s Pride Parade. It was huge.

It was a beautiful day for a parade, and the spectators were appreciative. It was very loud. I hope everyone wore enough sunscreen.

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World Giraffe Day 2022

And GC1 got me a souvenir medal at the Zoo.

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The grandkids wanted to go to the Field, and especially to see Sue.

The picture they take when you first arrive. Don’t they look thrilled? They were a lot happier after they got into the museum.

They got to see a lot of fossils, including Sue.

“It’s named after the woman who discovered it,” CVH told the kids.
“Yeah, her first name,” I drolly noted.
“I know, isn’t it terrible.”
“At least they didn’t name it Darlin’.”

Afterward, we had more boba tea.

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Zoo day

A stunningly beautiful day in Chicago, and we decided to go to the zoo. We left in such a hurry to catch the bus that I forgot the camera, so there aren’t many pictures.

We did see the new tiger cub (so cute!), and the pygmy hippo (also cute). Here are GC1 and GC2 at the hippo exhibit.

We also saw the giraffes, rhinoceroses, and the rest of the usual gang.

Afterward we stopped for boba tea. They love the stuff, and I had never had it before. It is delicious! Us elderly can learn something from teenagers, after all.

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Mama’s big birthday

Mama had a milestone birthday. The grandchildren were on hand.

They baked her a cake.

And mama got the first big piece.

But before the cake we had Chinese food from Furama.

Which everybody dug into.

Among other gifts, mama got a new hat.

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Chicago Summer (sort of)

It’s Memorial Day weekend! Traditional start of Chicago summer. People flock to the beach.

There were a lot of people out there today in shorts, t-shirts, and sandals. Because it’s the start of summer. They weren’t going to let the fact that it was 55°F at the lakeshore change their mind.

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