The Greatest Chapter of Living

Bunbury Theater

Bunbury Theater

Tonight we went to see a play at the Bunbury Theater.  This is a small local group who performs in the historical Henry Clay building near downtown.

The play, “The Greatest Chapter of Living”, was about end of life issues and was a collaboration between the Bunbury and our local hospice organization, Hosparus.  The play dramatized a family coming to grips with one of their members facing an imminent death.  It was a bit of preaching to the faithful, as I think most of the audience was already familiar with hospice.

The story, not surprisingly, was a tear-jerker, but one of the actors was absolutely outstanding, even though she was only eight years old.  Here is a young person with a future in the theater for sure; however, I could find no mention of her name on their web site.  Issues with minors, I suppose.

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