Kite Festival

kiteA nice sunny spring day today and the city had their annual Kite Festival.  Not a lot of wind, but I was able to get my horse kite and my big dragon up in the air.  It was a popular event; lots of kids and some parents who don’t understand that three-year olds really can’t handle a dual control stunt kite.

Most of us had pretty basic kites, but there was this one dude who brought a special valise filled with those little square paper Indian kites like the kind you see in the movies.  Except this fellow could really fly; he made those kids in the movies look like little kids.  He was unbelievable fast with those little kites, darting them around my dragon – at times I thought for sure that he was going to slice off the tail of my kite, but he always darted it away just in the nick of time.  At one point he got six of his kites on one string.  That was a jaw-dropper; I commented that was the sort of thing that really separated the men from the boys!

I had to leave a little early, but there were between two and three dozen kites in the air, about a dozen on the ground, and three or four in the trees.

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