History in our Backyard

The suburban subdivision that we live in, as well as several of the surrounding ones, are all built on the former grounds of a huge horse plantation.  Amazingly enough, the original plantation mansion still stands in the middle of the neighborhood, a few blocks from our house; it is now a bed and breakfast.  Even more amazingly, parts of the mansion date back over two hundred years to the earliest days of Kentucky (well, as least as the white English settlers measure it).  Today they held a special historical festival there.  Unfortunately, although the camera went through all the motions of taking the pictures of the mansion, the antique doorbell, the reenactors dressed up as soldiers, the cannon, and everything else, it didn’t store any of the images.  So you’ll have to take our word that it was pretty cool.

Pebble Bug

Pebble Bug

GC and I made a craft item today: a “pebble bug”.  We took a smooth rock from the neighbor’s driveway when they were not looking, and painted it and stuck on some pipe cleaner.

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