Are we healthy yet?

Labor Day, and time again for the Mayor’s semi-annual Healthy Hike and Bike. CVH doesn’t bike, so we went down to the riverside to join in the walk.

herdsThe weather was beautiful; sunny and warm, and there was definitely a herd of people there. Mostly bikers; there were a few bicyclists who brought their dogs with them, and had them in various types of carriers.  One dog was wearing a small helmet.

The Mayor gave his send off, and then took off on his bike with the rest of the riders.

subwayWe saw a bicyclist riding an old-fashioned high wheeler, and somebody dressed up like a Subway sandwich. The Subway guy did not ride a bicycle.

bridgeEventually all the riders were off and we hikers followed them. We went over the George Rogers Clark Memorial bridge into Indiana.

clockOn the Indiana side of the river, there is an old Colgate factory with a large clock on top of it, just like the one you see from Manhattan. The factory has been sold, and the fate of the clock is uncertain, but it is clear that you’re not going to be able to see it from the bridge for much longer.

skylineOn the way back to Kentucky, I caught this picture of CVH in front of the skyline of Our Fair City.

buickAnd finally, as we were walking back to our car, we saw this. It is not everyday that you see a big ol’ Buick Park Avenue with a bike rack on the back.

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