Three (or four) birthday parties

A special day today – we were invited to three birthday parties!

The first was the saka dawa celebration at the Buddhist Compassion Center.  Saka dawa commemorates the Shakyamuni Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death.   This was a rather somber affair as birthday parties go, but the girls did get party favors and they met the Buddhist monks.

Then it was off to Indiana to another little girl’s birthday party.  Her father had rented a large, wonderful water slide that was quite a hit with all the kids.

And there was cake, pie, candles – all the usual accoutrements.

Back to Louisville for a party with one of the neighborhood kids.  He got a water rocket (which was fun for both little and big boys).

Finally, their father had a birthday today (actually tomorrow, but he’s on the other side of the Date Line).  Of course, we could only talk to him on the picture phone, but I suppose it was the fourth birthday of the day.

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