Along with a bunch of other geezers, we went to the Abbey Road On The River Beatles festival today.

We had to walk across the long bridge to get there. The festival used to be held on the Louisville side of the river, but then there was some sort of dispute between the organizers and the host hotel, so the organizers moved to the Indiana side. CVH told me that things must be better for them there, as she read they signed a contract to host the festival there for the next five years. I said “That ought to carry them through to where we all start dying off, or they move this thing to the nursing home.”

We saw several great tribute bands, including The Starclubbers, Itchycoo Park, Classicstone, Beatline, George Harry’s Son, and LSB Experience. We sang along to “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “B├ęsame Mucho”, “Piggies”, “It’s All So Beautiful”, and other hits. Yes, that last was Small Faces, not The Beatles, but they have dozens of bands over five days, so they have to stretch things out a little.

At one point the skies opened and the rain poured, causing the festival to shut down. I started the Woodstock “No rain!” chant, but for some reason, nobody picked up on it. Strange.

That guy in the front was really tall.

CVH as George
CVH…well, you know
The French Lick people were giving away little giraffes. I don’t think this had anything to do with The Beatles, though.
And we walked across the long bridge to head home.
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