Dude, Where’s My Car?

CVH doesn’t like me to drive her BMW.

Elsewhere on this blog, you can read about the time I got it stuck in the mud.

I probably haven’t driven it in two years, and it has been sitting in the carport for a couple of months. I told my wife that I needed to take it around the block a few times to charge the battery, avoid flat spots on the tires, etc, etc, etc. I jump started it with the Datsun and headed through the neighborhood.

I only got about half a mile before the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree and the car went into Limp Mode. Limp Mode is exactly what it sounds like. I ran a few stop signs and got back to my driveway.

The local BMW shop said don’t drive it. Have it towed. Since I pay for roadside assistance, I decided to use my towing benefit. I called the insurance company and told them I wanted it taken to the BMW shop three miles away. They said fine, the tow would be fully covered, no deductible.

Forty-five minutes later, a tow truck shows up and calls me on the phone. I go out and meet the affable driver and his dachshund. Cutest little dog. It hops out and runs around in my front yard. We get the BMW started and loaded onto his flatbed. I confirm which shop the car is going to and he takes off.

I go back inside. Five minutes later the phone rings. It’s the insurance company. They tell me that the towing company is not responding, the towing company’s secondary phone number has been disconnected, and they are going to have to contact a different tow company. I tell them that someone has already driven off with the car. Pause. “They never told us,” I am informed. Of course, I don’t have the tow truck driver’s name, license number, or any paperwork. I was just playing with his dog while he did the work. Very clever.

I do have comprehensive on the car. And since I was planning on selling the car next month anyway, I figure this could be a best case scenario.

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