The Land of No-Cook

The weather here has been San Diego-like lately. This means it’s a little cold for me (long sleeves in June?!), but I admit I’m probably the only one who thinks so. The air is very clear, and the sky a beautiful blue. CVH likes the 20C degree, low humidity weather, so we went for some walks.

Wrigley Building in 1922

We went to the Wrigley Building, which due to a fortuitous bend in the road, still enjoys a prominent position in the northbound view of Michigan Avenue from downtown.

Location, location, location

The Wrigley has a stunning Walgreens, too. With public restrooms. Good to know when you’re walking around downtown. Very good to know.

Wrigley Walgreens

We walked along the Riverwalk. Some of the pandemic restrictions are lifted, and you’re starting to see more people downtown. We sat here by the water. I don’t know where everybody went when this picture was taken; it was pretty busy when we were there.

As sightseeing boats went by, with tourists on their decks, I waved at them and called out “Spend moneeeey!”

We walked down to Wolf Point, where the three branches of the Chicago river converge. This is symbolized in the Municipal Device, which is kind of Chicago’s logo.

A cap with the Municipal Device

The next day we took the number 36 bus from our neighborhood to another neighborhood. It, like ours, is mostly residential, but along the commercial street it seemed like every other business was a restaurant. Nothing against restaurants, but how much can people eat out? A lot, it seems. We have several grocery stores in our neighborhood, and they all look pretty much the same on the inside – meat counters and dairy cases in the back, produce bins on the right, and aisles of packaged groceries in the middle.

But when we entered the grocery store in this other neighborhood, there were no produce bins. No dairy cases. No aisles. Just lots and lots of food that has already been prepared and cooked. No ingredients. To be fair, I think there was another floor upstairs where they kept all the real groceries, but there was an entire grocery store-sized ground floor with no groceries. Apparently people in this neighborhood never cook. Maybe apartments in this part of town don’t come with kitchens; I’ll need to look at some real estate listings.

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