Chicago Transit Authority

Today was the 75th anniversary celebration for the CTA. No speeches or fireworks, but they did bring out three old L trains and three old buses.

There was this 1969 Green Limousine.

I got to ride on this 1923 L car.

It was surprisingly nice inside. Check out the interior light fixtures!

I also rode on this bus from the early sixties. Maybe it was the very same bus that I rode in 1962! Well, could be.

The bus had this great old ad for Radio Free Europe that featured Khrushchev.

There was this classic 1959 L train. And a 1976 train in all its gaudy bicentennial glory.

I had a great time. When I got home, I told my wife that I had pictures of the classic CTA vehicles.

“I’m sure you’re very keen to see my pictures of old buses,” I said.

“Just beside myself,” she replied.

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