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Home renovations – Part 3

I am on Lowe’s watch list. Either they think I am becoming a great customer or I’m planning a major caper. Two days after the flooring people finally “finished” the installation (including knocking a huge hole in our entertainment cabinet – “I don’t know how that happened, sir”), I noticed water pooling in the bathroom […]

Our new Costco

When we moved to our current neighborhood, it was best known by people who live in other neighborhoods as the neighborhood of the abandoned shopping mall The abandoned movie theater And the disreputable hotel Well, although the hotel is still with us, it’s under new management now.  Our Kroger was updated, and was, at least […]

Home renovations – Part 2

The old sick cat died, and we decided now was a good time to get rid of the first floor carpet, along with its ten years of accumulated pet vomit, urine, and feces. We went down to a floor covering firm that has been in town for many years and picked out a new vinyl […]

Home Renovations – Part 1

A real Kentucky Kitchen. The thermostat on the old oven died, and instead of spending $150 to repair it, we decided to buy a new oven for $2000!  It’s nice and shiny: But it was a bigger than the old oven, as you can see.  I had to tear out the drawers underneath.  This left […]


Easter, and we went to the U of L’s University Club Easter brunch.  (Charlaine is a member of the University Club at the University of Louisville.  You’d have to ask her how she managed to do that.) There was grilled leg of lamb, and New York sirloin, and pecan encrusted Tilapia, and super tangy macaroni […]

DC-3: So Cool!

Louisville has an older airport, Bowman Field, that is the oldest continually operating airport in the country.  During WW II, it was the busiest airport in the U.S.  Since we’ve been here, it has hosted such classic aircraft as B-17s and a Ford Tri-Motor.  Today a gloriously restored DC-3 was in town – the original […]

“Texas” Roadhouse?

For a combination Father’s Day – Mama’s Birthday celebration, we went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch today. Since it was Father’s Day, I ordered the Chicken Fried Steak.  An explanation is in order. Many years ago, after I had moved to Texas, but before my mother had returned to her home state with my father […]

The Birds

They’re here:

Storm smacks Louisville today

That’s the George Rogers Clark Memorial bridge in the foreground.  It opened in 1929 as the Louisville Municipal Bridge, and renamed in honor of Gen. Geo. R. Clark in 1949. The bridge is featured in the Bill Murray movie “Stripes” where he drives his cab to the middle of the bridge and throws his keys […]

The customer is always right, but that doesn’t mean we have to do something about it

A beautiful spring day today!  The sun was shining so bright that you got hungry just looking out the window.  And as fortune would have it, a local restaurant, Roux, was having their New Orleans festival today.  Their tagline is We Are New Orleans. I regret to report that They Are Not New Orleans. We […]