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Bernheim Fall Festival

Each year, the Bernheim Forest has a Fall Festival called “ColorFest”, and CVH dragged me down there this year.  Once I got there, I had a wonderful time.  When you live here in the Midwest, and the cold grey spectre of Winter begins to appear on your time horizon, everybody starts running around like crazy […]

Autumn for Cats

It’s autumn, the windows are open, and the cats are eating it up. Fresh air, sunbeam, altitude – according to my cat, it just doesn’t get any better.

Jug Band Jubileee

Today Louisville hosted the 10th Annual Jug Band Jubilee.  A good time was had by all. Jug Band music refers primarily to pre-WW II white people music, although I heard a lot of Mississippi blues this year.  I caught three of the bands (all the longer that my old butt can handle sitting out on […]

Back to the Fair!

Yes, friends, it was time again for our annual trip to the Kentucky State Fair.  Not much changes from year to year, but CVH still loves the State Fair. We got up this morning, and I asked CVH if she was going to cook some breakfast to fortify us for our journey. “I have to […]

Don’t Worry…We Unhappy

New research shows where the happiest and unhappiest cities in the United States are.  Unsurprisingly, at the top of the unhappiest list are places like New York City, Detroit, Pittspurgh, and, God help them, Buffalo.  But right there at “third most unhappy city in the country” is Louisville. Now, I’m certainly not going to argue […]

Tour de Pork 2014

A rainy day for a bike ride, but any ride you can walk away from is a good ride.  I’d guess that at least two hundred riders showed up, but there may have been more registered, because they were very, very generous with the pulled pork at the end of the ride.

Eat local

CVH informed me that today was “Eat Local” day, or something like that; I don’t know if this applied only to Louisville, or if it was part of a wider initiative, although it’s hard to see how a “Eat Local” initiative could spread very far and still remain relevant. Anyway, we picked up mama and […]

Thurby…and cricket.

It’s always amazing to me how Louisville takes a two minute horse race and stretches it out into a week, sometimes two, of partying.  Yes, Indianapolis extends the 500 for an entire month, but you can see the contenders at the track most any day during that period.  Perhaps this is a Midwestern thing. The […]

Road trip to Indiana

The weather is warming, the sun is shining, and after a long winter, CVH was itching to take a “road trip”.  Since we couldn’t leave until after nine a.m., and had to be home by dark, it was going to be an day road trip.  She wanted to see some of French Lick, I wanted […]

Banned in 上海市

The Shen Yun dancers came to Louisville this weekend, and we attended the matinee show this afternoon.  While at a home show a couple of months ago, we were approached by some Shen Yun volunteers selling tickets.  They had the best available tickets right there in their hands.  “Such a deal”, I thought, because the […]