Do I have “cheap” tattooed on my forehead?

DVDThis last week, we received three Netflix discs in a row that would barely play.  They would constantly hang up and skip over scenes, no matter how many times I polished them with Windex.  My wife was ready to call up Netflix and demand to speak with someone about the lousy discs they kept sending us when I suggested that I first try playing one on the computer.  It played fine.  So the problem was our player.  “How old is this player?” I asked, “When did we get it?”  We couldn’t remember.

So this morning I went to the local appliance store just as they were opening.  I was greeted by one of the salesmen.  I told him I wanted a new DVD player.  He asked if I needed one with a VHS player (was it the grey in my beard?).  I said No.  He didn’t even begin to steer me over toward the fancy HiFi players, but instead took me directly to the one they had on sale for thirty dollars.  I’m thinking he just wanted to get me out of the store as quickly as possible so that he’d have a chance at somebody who wanted to spend some real money and generate a worthwhile commission.

The new player works fine, especially for thirty dollars.  One thing that is really cool is that if you take a disc out before the movie is through, and then put it back in later, it picks up right where it left off.  How does it know?

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