A burning bush? Or a burning Buick?

Red Riv

Red Riv

Last month, I saw a red Riviera going down the road in our neighborhood.  Not a classic Riviera, but one of the not-yet-classic 1995-99 ones.  What struck me was that it was fire engine red.  I mentioned to my wife that most of the ones you see are white, black, or maybe silverish; I couldn’t remember ever seeing a red one before.

Then this weekend, as we were driving around, it seemed as though there was a red Buick on every corner!  Centuries, Roadmasters, Park Avenues – I counted six red Buicks in a day and a half.  I began to freak out.  My wife said “The Lord is giving you a message.” “He’s certainly being obfuscatory about it,” I replied.

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