The Frazier History Museum

The day after Christmas we went downtown and visited the Frazier.  They had a special display of Christmas trees from around the world.  GC1 had recently completed a school project on Christmas in Italy (they’re teaching them how to do PowerPoint presentations in first grade now), so we had to find the Italian tree.

We were also treated to an interpretation of the folk tale “Brave Martha and the Dragon”, as well as the true tale of Anne Bonney, a fascinating pirate of the 18th century Caribbean.  Justin got to wear chain mail and a replica helmet that made him look like something right out of the Iliad.  We even met Teddy Roosevelt (or a reasonable facsimile thereof).

CSA soldier?

CSA soldier?

Being the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War, the museum had an exhibit on the “brother against brother” conflict that arose all too often in Kentucky, a state with split allegiances.  I was looking through some period photos on display when I came across this one that looks an awful lot like my great-great-granduncle Konrad, except that I thought he had fought on the Union side. 

Not to mention that I was surprised that they had color film back then.

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