Chew every bite 100 times

Louisville participated in TEDx: Changing the Way We Eat today. Cities around the country joined with a master of ceremonies in NYC for presentations on promoting a sustainable food economy (cartoon below courtesy I’m not so sure we can feed everyone in the world with organic food raised within 100 miles of their home, but we do like to support our local farmers here in Kentucky as a viable alternative to Chinese food. The people in Manhattan did point out that Louisville had the most people signed up for this conference of any other city in America. Who knew that we were such a hotbed of the food revolution?
We met with other local food-oriented folks, local food providers and retailers, and listened to the Mayor say this was a good thing for our city. Then we had a really delicious lunch.
(I’ve since noticed this “x” suffix on other acronyms; I think it means “not really”.)


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