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mac & cheese Magazine

For those of you who were skeptical of my claim that I sighted a copy of “mac & cheese” magazine at our local Kroger, I went ahead and purchased the latest edition on my last visit there. Your mouth will drool.


Easter, and we went to the U of L’s University Club Easter brunch.  (Charlaine is a member of the University Club at the University of Louisville.  You’d have to ask her how she managed to do that.) There was grilled leg of lamb, and New York sirloin, and pecan encrusted Tilapia, and super tangy macaroni […]

“Texas” Roadhouse?

For a combination Father’s Day – Mama’s Birthday celebration, we went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch today. Since it was Father’s Day, I ordered the Chicken Fried Steak.  An explanation is in order. Many years ago, after I had moved to Texas, but before my mother had returned to her home state with my father […]

The customer is always right, but that doesn’t mean we have to do something about it

A beautiful spring day today!  The sun was shining so bright that you got hungry just looking out the window.  And as fortune would have it, a local restaurant, Roux, was having their New Orleans festival today.  Their tagline is We Are New Orleans. I regret to report that They Are Not New Orleans. We […]

Eat local

CVH informed me that today was “Eat Local” day, or something like that; I don’t know if this applied only to Louisville, or if it was part of a wider initiative, although it’s hard to see how a “Eat Local” initiative could spread very far and still remain relevant. Anyway, we picked up mama and […]

It’s all about the food

CVH went nuclear for Thanksgiving.

National Honeybee Day

I’m a big fan of the honeybee, everything that does for American agriculture, and certainly for the honey it can give us.  Today was National Honeybee Day 2012, and one of our local farmer’s markets had a special program in observance of the occasion.  There were tastings of various honeys made from different blossoms, demonstrations […]

2012 Kentucky State Fair

Another year, another trip to the Kentucky State Fair. We went through the “Pride of the Counties”, where almost every county in Kentucky has a tourism booth set up.  We discovered that Smuckers Uncrustables are manufactured in Kentucky. One county had a huge watermelon. We got to meet Dave Shuffett and his dog Toby, the […]

Birthday Bash

Last weekend, I was invited to a birthday party for the daughter of a co-worker.  It was the child’s third birthday. Now, I’ve been to third-birthday parties before, but I was unprepared for the party that awaited me.  There were mass quantities of balloons (a fraction of which are visible in this photo), and the […]

Fern Creek Roadtrip

Roadtrip!  To Fern Creek, Kentucky! Actually not as much of a road trip as you might think; Fern Creek is a suburb of Louisville about ten minutes down the road from our house.  We only seem to make a trip there about once a year, but once again it was a worthwhile diversion. First stop […]