Pancakes in Paradise

A Lynn's Greeter

A Lynn's Greeter

Lynn’s Paradise Cafe is a popular eatery and tourist attraction here in Louisville, and we finally ate there today.  You usually have to wait a very long time for a table (at least forty-five minutes when they are not busy – worse than Cracker Barrel!); I suppose that if you know the trick or who to talk to you can get around that, but we know neither.  The trick that we did know was that counter seating is festival-style (i.e., you grab it, it’s yours), and we were able to sit there immediately.

Besides the bold color scheme and animal sculptures, Lynn’s is best known for sponsoring the Ugly Lamp Contest at the Kentucky State Fair.  Many of the entries end up here at the restaurant, so it is fully of the most awful lighting fixtures you have ever seen.  The pancakes, though, are truly awesome, and the cheese grits deliciously creamy.

There was group seated nearby, apparently some sort of bridal shower; it consisted of several pulchritudinous young women, one of whom opened packages and kept showing off pieces of filmy lingerie.

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