At the zoo

Me at the zoo

Me with my zoo hat

Tonight we went to the zoo, courtesy of Norton Healthcare, one of the local hospital/doctor chains.  I’d like to think that we were there as part of their healthcare outreach initiative (promoting healthy lifestyles, early disease detection, etc), but perhaps it’s also partly the fact that we’re regular customers.

Grandchild 1 had a fun time; she particularly enjoyed the herpatarium, where we saw giant snakes, spiders, a white alligator, and other fauna that even CVH kind of enjoyed.  We saw the bald eagle and got to hear its cry.  And we saw one of the new polar bears; I’m not sure which one, but she likes to eat ice.

I got a close look at my favorite animals, the giraffes and rhinocerouses.  They were all out and active and seemed to be enjoying themselves.  And although we didn’t have to pay to get into the zoo, we made up for it by making several purchases at the gift shop.  I got a little giraffe.  CVH, the owl lover, got a little barn owl and a snowy owl.  GC1 picked out a water bottle.

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