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(Not our bird, but similar)

(Not our bird, but similar)

Each year, there is a family of birds that nests in our carport shed.  I think they like the ready supply of crickets there, as well as the worms and bugs in our garden.

Last week, CVH found a baby bird on the ground below the nest entrance.  It was very young; naked and ugly as newborn birds are.  If she left it there, it would soon be some predator’s tasty snack.

So CVH (a certified wildlife rehabilitator) picked up the baby bird, and made a little nest for it on top of the gas grill.  She would check on it several times a day, and change its paper towel bedding when it became soiled, taking care not to “imprint” it.  We watched the little critter grow at an astonishing pace, getting taller and sprouting feathers.

Yesterday the time came.  Our little charge spread its wings, and in a series of clumsy bounds, found its way to our garden.  It should be well camouflaged there, and have lots of insects to eat and water to drink.  Plus it’s still only a few feet from the rest of its family.

CVH says she is now suffering from separation anxiety.

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