Fern Creek Roadtrip

Roadtrip!  To Fern Creek, Kentucky!

Actually not as much of a road trip as you might think; Fern Creek is a suburb of Louisville about ten minutes down the road from our house.  We only seem to make a trip there about once a year, but once again it was a worthwhile diversion.

fern.creek.market.logoFirst stop on reaching Fern Creek was to check out their Saturday morning farmer’s market.  We picked up some baby Patty Pan squash (my Patty Pan squash plant quit producing), hot mustard, ground beef, blackberries, German striped tomatoes, and eggs.  I talked with a guy who sells rain barrels for gardens and I plan to measure my garden to see if I can install one.

fern.creek.libaryNext we visited the Fern Creek library.  This is a tiny branch library in a strip center, but always seems to have a selection of books that we don’t see at the branch in our neighborhood.  CVH checked out several books, including two cookbooks of grain dishes.  I guess we’ll being riding the high fiber road for a while.

Chocolate Chess pie

Chocolate Chess pie

Out of the library and down to one of Louisville’s finest traditions, the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen.  A family run institution with several locations in town, it’s exactly what it sounds like.  I picked out a slice of chocolate chess pie, and a slice each of chocolate silk and Italian cream cakes.  CVH got chocolate covered cherry pie.  I could try and describe how wonderful it is, but I’ll just leave it to your imagination.  Your imagination won’t be disappointed.

Finally we ducked into a new consignment store.  It’s one of those kind where they rent out booths to sellers.  The sellers range from part-time antiquers to some that had booths which looked like they just cleaned out their basements and dumped the stuff there.  A fun place to spend half an hour, looking at stuff from the sixties that used to set on everybody’s living room tables.  Not sure if I’ll ever need a green Osterizer or pink pig figurine, but if I do, I know now where to look.

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