Back to the Fair!

Yes, friends, it was time again for our annual trip to the Kentucky State Fair.  Not much changes from year to year, but CVH still loves the State Fair.

We got up this morning, and I asked CVH if she was going to cook some breakfast to fortify us for our journey.

“I have to cook?” she replied.  “We’re going to get corn dogs at the fair!”  She was referring, of course, to the wonderful fresh hand-dipped corn dogs at the Kentucky Corn Growers booth (see every entry on our State Fair trips from 2007 to date).

“Well,” I said, “it might be a while before they start frying.”  So she went ahead and cooked up a delicious omelet for us.

Then it was off to the fairgrounds under ominous skies.  Sure enough, just as we arrived, the heavens opened up and it started pouring rain.  Almost all of the fair is indoors, however, and we had arrived early enough that it wasn’t that far a run from our car to the building where the poultry were being shown.  Man, that was a noisy display!  All those screaming chickens, and even this quacking duck:

We could only handle so much of that noise before going to the nice, quiet rabbit area.  Where we looked at the rabbits.  “Every damn rabbit”, in fact, according to CVH.  But they are so irresistably cute!  Here are just a few:

And here am I with one of the “Best in Breed” (the rabbit, that is; not me):


Immediately outside of the rabbit area was the Kentucky Corn Growers stall, and CVH was ready for her corn dog, so we ran out to their tent.

OMG! No corn dogs! CVH was so disappointed. Something she looks forward to all year, and they pull the rug out from under her. We looked at the other organizations, the fish, pork, beef, and dairy people, but nothing would take away the sting for her. So we ran back into the barn and looked at more animals.

Eventually we got around to the honey exhibit, where I got my picture taken as a honeybee:

CVH admired the competition cakes:



OK, so it’s not Burning Man, but we do get a kick out of the fair each year.

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