The Terminator was programmed in Assembler

terminator.asmSubtitle: Conway’s Game of Life in IBM Assembler

Assembly language is what you saw from Arnold’s viewpoint in The Terminator (the first movie).   I have implemented Conway’s Game of Life in IBM 390 (z/OS) assembler. (For an explanation of the game and a wonderful google easter egg, google “conway’s game of life.)

I was quite the assembler programmer back in the day, and enjoyed doing it.  But this is the first IBM assembler program that I have written since 1980.  It wasn’t easy if you didn’t have access to a mainframe, and they kept those accounts well locked down.

However, you don’t need a million dollar mainframe anymore to write mainframe programs; you can download the “portable 390 mainframe” for free. (It never ceases to amaze me what people will do and then give away for nothing.)  I remember asking management to upgrade to the latest version of assembler back in 1979 and being told that it was thousands of dollars and that was too expensive.  Now I run it on my laptop.  This sort of thing almost makes my head explode.

Here’s a link to a zip file with the code.  You have to swear to me that you do not work for SkyNet. CONWAY

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