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Can’t get there from here

Directions. When we lived in Houston, my wife used to joke that if something wasn’t on the freeway, Westheimer, or Montrose, Conrad didn’t know how to get there.  I could argue that if something weren’t on the freeway, Westheimer, or Montrose, then you didn’t need to get there, but nonetheless, if I had to, I […]

How to change a life

One of CVH’s facebook friends posts a question on a regular basis.  This week’s question was “What book has changed your life?” I will set aside the metaphysical question of if one can change their life (for after all, you only get one). Recently a dear old friend gave me a copy of Antoine de […]

mac & cheese Magazine

For those of you who were skeptical of my claim that I sighted a copy of “mac & cheese” magazine at our local Kroger, I went ahead and purchased the latest edition on my last visit there. Your mouth will drool.

New book at the library

I subscribe to the Louisville Free Public Library’s RSS feed, so I can keep track of new books and DVDs that become available.  This allows me to read a lot of books at minimal expense, of course, including books that I wouldn’t want to own anyway.  Occasionally I do end up purchasing a book after […]


is not like rain on your wedding day, of course. I received a come-on from an insurance company telling me that, as an AARP member, I could be eligible for special reduced AARP rates. Always looking to save a buck here and there, I sent in an application. The company declined to offer me a […]

The Terminator was programmed in Assembler

Subtitle: Conway’s Game of Life in IBM Assembler Assembly language is what you saw from Arnold’s viewpoint in The Terminator (the first movie).   I have implemented Conway’s Game of Life in IBM 390 (z/OS) assembler. (For an explanation of the game and a wonderful google easter egg, google “conway’s game of life.) I was quite […]

Just when you think you’ve seen it all

CVH and I went to our local Kroger today to pick up some groceries.  As we went down one aisle, we passed the magazine display.  They had easily over a hundred different magazines for sale.  CVH is a big NBA fan, and decided to look for a basketball magazine.  They didn’t have one, not even […]

The Amazing Ameche

About fifty years ago, I made my first picturephone call.  My grandmother took me to the Prudential building in downtown Chicago, where Bell had a demo system set up. (You can see a picture of what the Pru looked like then.)  I stood in a line until I was able to speak with another kid […]

Old time radio

CVH and I both used to commute to jobs well to the east of Louisville.  So we programmed our weather radio to alert us to severe weather in Shelbyville and Frankfort as well as Louisville. However, now neither of us travels out that way on a regular basis, and  we’re getting tired of being awakened […]

I’m not the one with the identity crisis

I am still, and always have been, Conrad Reynolds, however that other guy who shows up when you google me is apparently continuing to have problems with his name. According to CNN, he was born Conald Reynolds, and took up Conrad when he didn’t like being called Connie – sounded like a girl, he thought […]