The Nairobi Trio

We visited the Museum of Broadcast Communications.  It houses the Radio Hall of Fame, which consists of more than a bunch of old radios, although the radios are cool.  They have a 1912 Marconi, like the one that Titanic used to send its SOS.  But the Hall of Fame honors famous people in the radio industry from Powel Crosley to Bob and Ray.

Nairobi Trio masks

Nairobi Trio masks

On the next floor up is the TV museum.  They have a number of old clips and artifacts, including these original face masks for Ernie Kovacs’ famous Nairobi Trio (woe upon you if you don’t know The Nairobi Trio).  Did Frank Sinatra wear one of these?  Possibly; we may never know.

Later this evening we attended a performance of the Pulitzer Prize winning play Disgraced at the Goodman theatre.  We had a nice conversation with the people in the seats next to us.

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