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Rocket Park

  You go to Houston, you have to visit NASA.  I hadn’t been in many years, certainly not since they upgraded the visitor center (read: now you have to pay).  There are more exhibits now, and an awful lot of staff – if you want to ride the elevator to the shuttle display, there are […]


For lunch today I got together with some old friends that I had worked with for many years.  We met at Rooster’s, an oil-refinery-worker-friendly joint.   A number of us had regularly eaten lunch at Rooster’s in Baytown since the late 1970’s.  Nearly everything is still the same.  My “Henburger” came out on the plate […]

The Birthplace of Texas

Saturday morning we got up and watched the live birth of the giraffe on the internet.  “What kind of giraffe is that?” CVH asked me.  “I think it’s a Rothschild’s”.  CVH found it very exciting to watch. After the big event, we decided to relive some Texas history.  We were staying in Deer Park, a […]

The Best Part of Texas

The Best Part of Texas is that you can get Blue Bell there again, which is still not available in Louisville. We flew down to Houston today on United (aka Republic) Airlines.  I got a seat with a lot of legroom, although like all airline seats these days, there was no padding, so it’s like […]

All Things Are Temporary

And vacations must come to an end.  Today is our last day in Chicago (unless we decide to chuck it all and stay here). After a bitterly cold Wednesday (even the local weather forecaster termed it “unseasonably cold”), today it’s seventy-five degrees.  Unbelievable.  I had to go to the Post Office and buy boxes to […]

A Wrinkle in Time

This evening we went to a staging of L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time.  (I wanted to see American Idiot, but got outvoted by CVH.) You read the book when you were a kid.  You are thinking that it would be hard to put on the stage.  You are right.  But for $20 a seat, the […]

Windy City Café Pancake Burger

Around the corner from the Intuit Gallery is the Windy City Café.  I had one of their house specials, the Pancake Burger: a burger served with a fried egg between two pancakes.  It works much better than it sounds, and keeps you going (you either spend a fortune on taxis or you walk a lot […]

Bees are in Trouble

I saw this from a CTA bus:  “Bees need lawyers too”. If true, we are all in big trouble.

Year of Darger

After filling up my swag bag at the vendor area, I headed uptown to the Intuit Gallery of Outsider Art.  They have proclaimed 2017 as their “Year of Darger”, the 125th birth anniversary of Henry Darger.  (You may know Henry from Natalie Merchant’s song about him on her Motherland album.)  Henry lived in Chicago nearly […]

Robot Cat

This morning CVH and I went down to the vendor area of the convention.  As with most convention vendor areas, they had all kinds of stuff, but the most fascinating was the robot cat.  It’s not creepy at all, but rather a pretty nice cat.