We Wuz Robbed!

Our annual trip to the Kentucky State Fair (We went on Senior Day, and got in free). It was hot, as usual. There were very few parking lot shuttles; nowhere near enough for the demand on such a day. There used to be plenty of the tractor-drawn wagons that one could ride. I think they may have privatized the service.

This year they had several large fiberglass animals at the entrance. To get you in the mood, I suppose.

Me with large Chicken
Me with large Pig
Me with small Horse

CVH always looks forward to her State Fair Corn Dog each year. She arrived just as they started frying, and got a fresh hand dipped dog (not a Sysco dog from Houston). This year I refrained from eating an elephant ear or a large fried whatever and I felt much better.

CVH with real State Fair corn dog

The State Police had an small helicopter that you could get inside. I thought it was so cool to see the actual implementation of what I was familiar with only through Flight Simulator. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good photo of the copter, but here is CVH posing as a pilot.

We watched a magician escape from a locked box. He had a young female assistant in a sparkly outfit (some things never change). It wasn’t too hard to figure out how the magic box worked, but it was amazing that a guy his age could do it so quickly.

The Culinary Competition

CVH inspects the award-winning okra

Last year, for the first time, CVH entered the culinary competition. She baked a pound cake.

It did not win an award.

When we went to the displays, we studied the award winners very carefully to see what it was the judges were looking for. All of the top pound cakes had a much tighter crumb than CVH’s, and their crust was very light (her cake had a darker crust). So this year she bought a silver flute pan instead of the dark one she used last year, and she strove for a denser cake.

Imagine our shock when we saw this year’s winning cake. It had not been cooked in a flute pan at all, was glazed (in clear violation of the standard), and had a nearly burnt crust. Unfair at the fair!

However, we regained our composure and enjoyed the rest of the day.

The sheep show
The Easter Christmas tree
Feeding a baby calf
CVH plays with a snake

Finally, there was the always popular baby duck exhibit.

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