Chicago Summertime

We took a quick trip up to Chicago this weekend. Summertime is a nice time to visit Chicago, although you can get a little sweaty.

I took the time to visit some parts of town that I hadn’t seen before. In Rogers Park, I saw this nice Frank Lloyd Wright house.

The Emil Bach house

There was this rabbit thing in that front yard, above. I thought, “What a strange decoration to put in front of a Wright house,” and then it wiggled its nose at me. “You’re a real rabbit!” I exclaimed. A rabbit. In the city. How strange.

I walked on down the block, and suddenly another rabbit hopped across the sidewalk in front of me (this was along a busy thoroughfare, mind you). A postal person was coming the other way and I stopped him to ask if he usually saw rabbits on his rounds, because I had just seen two on this block.

“I think someone around here feeds them,” he said. “You’re not going crazy.” Well, that was a close call with a Silver Alert.

Around lunchtime it started to rain, so CVH and I ducked into a Pakistani restaurant in a little strip center. It certainly did not look like much, but any port in a storm. Shan Restaurant, since 1992. Turns out they have a wide menu:

The Menu at Shan’s

The food was quite good, but very hot. You will need an order of rice to go with the dal or okra. Once mixed with rice, however, it is perfect.

That evening we needed to go from our hotel on the West Loop over to another hotel over by Michigan and the river. Since the weather was nice, we decided to try the water taxi.

Chicago Water Taxi

The water taxi works well; it’s about as fast as ground transportation during rush hour, and you get a good scenic tour, to boot.

For dinner Saturday night, there was delicious Gino’s East deep dish spinach pizza.

Arrive early if you don’t want to wait in a ridiculous line

When we got home, the air conditioner was broken.

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