M-m-m-my Corona

I woke up CVH this a.m. with my rendition of the classic The Knack hit.

When you gonna give to me, g-give to me
Is it just a matter of time, corona?

Of course, there were about ten thousand of these already out on youtube.

Also went to the grocery this a.m.  Finally snagged some potatoes and a loaf of bread (carbs will keep you alive).  Milk is still coming in; you can’t hoard that, although I’m sure some people are trying.  If I had been five minutes earlier, I could have gotten a pack of toilet paper; people must have been in line waiting for the doors to open.  Their carts were overflowing, mostly with junk food. I looked at what the couple in front of me was putting on the belt – stacks of frozen pizzas and frozen convenience meals – and thought “That stuff is going to kill you before Wuhan does.”

The breakfast cereals were back, though.  I guess it takes more time to eat through several boxes of those.

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