Hurricane Corona

Being Houstonians, we are naturally prepared for a temporary interruption in American life: a week’s worth of canned goods, an extra propane tank, a solar powered radio – but this is different.

I don’t know if CVH didn’t accept my eyewitness accounts of grocery shopping or what, but this morning she insisted on visiting the local megamart herself.

We actually did pretty well.  They had just brought out pallets of toilet paper, kleenex, and butter.  The toilet paper evaporated like spit on a hot iron skillet, but we got one for us and one for mama.  We also got bread, eggs, bacon, canned soup, and blueberry pie. There was no chicken, ground meat, or fish (what are people doing with all that meat?).  Plenty of Porterhouse steaks and broccoli, though.

And we got something more important than food or toilet paper – cat litter.  They had a pallet sitting in the aisle.  Not our cats’ preferred brand, but we must all make sacrifices in these troubled times.

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