Patel Bros Number One

We went to the heart of Little India for groceries. This is a pretty authentic part of town; you will see lots of people in traditional Indian dress, which is also widely available for sale.

Mannequins in a store dressed in various traditional Indian jackets and saris

And there is a large yantra painted in the main intersection:

Yantra painted in the street intersection
(Artist’s rendering; but it looks just like this in real life)

Grocery-wise, this section of Devon Avenue is the antithesis, the polar opposite, if you will, of the neighborhood I described in The Land of No-Cook. I think there must be more grocery stores per block here than anywhere else in Chicago. And they are selling real ingredients, not just prepared items. How so many grocery stores can be supported in such concentration, I don’t know; residents here must cook all the time.

We visited the recently reopened Patel Brothers. This is where Patel Brothers started; it’s Patel Bros. Number 1.

Patel Bros always has the best selection of Horlicks.

Jar of Horlicks
I love this stuff.

And they obviously pride themselves on customer service. We even got a nice reusable grocery bag with our small purchase.

Promotional Patel Brothers grocery bag
Nice bag, and advertising for Patel Bros.
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