Laundromats of Chicago

There are hundreds of laundromats (“washaterias” CVH calls them) in Chicago. I can see where it is difficult for laundromat owners to come up with a distinctive name for their business. Some don’t try very hard at all, like “Coin Laundry”.

Some try a little harder, but “Spin Cycle” isn’t exactly original or poetic, either.

I take my items that don’t go in the coin machine to a neighborhood cleaners, Smile Cleaners. It’s a nice, positive name.

Fun Wash, is positive too, but might be pushing it a bit far. Ditto for Wash & Relax.

The one that never fails to tickle me is Fluffy Laundry. I just love that name.

My second place goes to Happy Bubble.

There’s a LaundryLand in our neighborhood. Not the most imaginative name, but they have a really great sign.

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