Neighborhood History

On the morning of 3 March 1934, infamous bank robber John Dillinger escaped from the jail in Crown Point, Indiana. Supposedly he used a wooden gun that he had carved there to fool the guards.

The Crown Point Jail today

Earlier, upon arriving in Crown Point, John had some rather casual pictures taken with the Sheriff and Prosecutor. His escape and these photos ended their political careers.

Sheriff Holley, Prosecutor Estill, and John

After leaving the jail, Dillinger went to the garage next to the courthouse, stole the Sheriff’s Ford V8, and took it to Chicago, abandoning it a block from where we now live.

The Abandoned Getaway Car

These days, it’s a lot harder to find a parking spot in our neighborhood. The hundred-year-old L tracks in the background are being rebuilt this year.

A Dillinger buff eventually tracked the car down, restored it, and even took it back to Crown Point to show it off.

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