Pride Parade

I walked down the street to watch this year’s Pride Parade. It was huge.

It was a beautiful day for a parade, and the spectators were appreciative. It was very loud. I hope everyone wore enough sunscreen.

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World Giraffe Day 2022

And GC1 got me a souvenir medal at the Zoo.

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The grandkids wanted to go to the Field, and especially to see Sue.

The picture they take when you first arrive. Don’t they look thrilled? They were a lot happier after they got into the museum.

They got to see a lot of fossils, including Sue.

“It’s named after the woman who discovered it,” CVH told the kids.
“Yeah, her first name,” I drolly noted.
“I know, isn’t it terrible.”
“At least they didn’t name it Darlin’.”

Afterward, we had more boba tea.

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Zoo day

A stunningly beautiful day in Chicago, and we decided to go to the zoo. We left in such a hurry to catch the bus that I forgot the camera, so there aren’t many pictures.

We did see the new tiger cub (so cute!), and the pygmy hippo (also cute). Here are GC1 and GC2 at the hippo exhibit.

We also saw the giraffes, rhinoceroses, and the rest of the usual gang.

Afterward we stopped for boba tea. They love the stuff, and I had never had it before. It is delicious! Us elderly can learn something from teenagers, after all.

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Mama’s big birthday

Mama had a milestone birthday. The grandchildren were on hand.

They baked her a cake.

And mama got the first big piece.

But before the cake we had Chinese food from Furama.

Which everybody dug into.

Among other gifts, mama got a new hat.

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Chicago Summer (sort of)

It’s Memorial Day weekend! Traditional start of Chicago summer. People flock to the beach.

There were a lot of people out there today in shorts, t-shirts, and sandals. Because it’s the start of summer. They weren’t going to let the fact that it was 55°F at the lakeshore change their mind.

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Spring, 2022 (cont.)

No Spring (yet) this year. Last week’s photo showed CVH in her parka on Michigan Avenue, and today it was 28°C (82°F) in Chicago. They don’t turn on our air conditioning for another week, so the cat is hot:

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Spring, 2022

Each Spring, Chicago plants billions (well, at least a million) tulips along Michigan Avenue. Each Spring, Chicago raises the bridges downtown to let sailboats that have been in storage all winter out into the lake. Each Spring, Chicago finally warms up after a long, cold winter.

This morning we went downtown to watch the bridge lift and see the tulips and enjoy the weather.

CVH sitting by tulips in the middle of Michigan Avenue

We saw the tulips, but for some reason, they did not raise the bridges, and as you can tell from the coat, it’s not warm either.

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Neighborhood History

On the morning of 3 March 1934, infamous bank robber John Dillinger escaped from the jail in Crown Point, Indiana. Supposedly he used a wooden gun that he had carved there to fool the guards.

The Crown Point Jail today

Earlier, upon arriving in Crown Point, John had some rather casual pictures taken with the Sheriff and Prosecutor. His escape and these photos ended their political careers.

Sheriff Holley, Prosecutor Estill, and John

After leaving the jail, Dillinger went to the garage next to the courthouse, stole the Sheriff’s Ford V8, and took it to Chicago, abandoning it a block from where we now live.

The Abandoned Getaway Car

These days, it’s a lot harder to find a parking spot in our neighborhood. The hundred-year-old L tracks in the background are being rebuilt this year.

A Dillinger buff eventually tracked the car down, restored it, and even took it back to Crown Point to show it off.

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Laundromats of Chicago

There are hundreds of laundromats (“washaterias” CVH calls them) in Chicago. I can see where it is difficult for laundromat owners to come up with a distinctive name for their business. Some don’t try very hard at all, like “Coin Laundry”.

Some try a little harder, but “Spin Cycle” isn’t exactly original or poetic, either.

I take my items that don’t go in the coin machine to a neighborhood cleaners, Smile Cleaners. It’s a nice, positive name.

Fun Wash, is positive too, but might be pushing it a bit far. Ditto for Wash & Relax.

The one that never fails to tickle me is Fluffy Laundry. I just love that name.

My second place goes to Happy Bubble.

There’s a LaundryLand in our neighborhood. Not the most imaginative name, but they have a really great sign.

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