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Yogurt comes from a cardboard box

Last year, my wife treated me and bought me some fancy yogurt from the Rainbow Blossom.  This is the stuff that sells for $3.50 (or more) a quart; pretty expensive milk, but it does taste awfully good.  In fact, I … Continue reading

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Do I have “cheap” tattooed on my forehead?

This last week, we received three Netflix discs in a row that would barely play.  They would constantly hang up and skip over scenes, no matter how many times I polished them with Windex.  My wife was ready to call … Continue reading

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How would a dog smell without a nose?

Terrible! It’s been below freezing for over a week here, and I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but the dog had really started to reek. Usually I take her out into the driveway and wash … Continue reading

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I raked up the leaves in the front yard this morning for what I hope is the last time this season.  It was sixteen degrees, less whatever windchill factor there was.  And it really wasn’t that bad. Last week, I … Continue reading

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