Restaurant-hopping on Beale Street

Super Bowl Sunday, and we’re back in downtown Memphis. We head down to Beale Street to see if anything’s open and if we can watch the football game there.

  • First stop was the Blues City Cafe on the corner of Beale and Main. bluescitycafeWe’ve been there several times before, but had never seen it so empty. In fact, all of Beale Street was nearly deserted, but not quiet – the speakers that are usually blaring music were blaring the Super Bowl game. Charlaine particulary likes the Blues City Cafe because the grill is out in the dining area and she loves to watch cooks at work (she’s an inveterate Iron Chef America fan). An appetizer of tamales and chili helped warm us up (it’s just above freezing outside) during the kickoff.
  • pig.on.bealeNext, it was the Pig On Beale (“Pork with an Attitude”). They serve anything you want, as long as it’s pork (well, I do think that they will barbecue you a chicken thigh if you ask).  This is a relatively new restaurant that’s been winning all kinds of awards for their pork the last several years.  I had a pulled pork sandwich; Charlaine did not order anything, as pork is not her most favorite dish.  But once the pork arrived, it was so good that she kept sneaking pieces of it off my plate.
  • silky.osullivansFinally, we went to Silky O’Sullivan’s to watch the second quarter and so Charlaine could have a plate of oysters.  It was all good.
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