Alien Death Ray Strikes Louisville

spaceshipLast weekend, all of the little plants that I had grown from seed suddenly keeled over and died.  Admittedly, most of them weren’t looking like they were long for the world to begin with, but several appeared strong and healthy and upright, with little green leaves and everything.  But somehow, overnight, something killed them all.  I had been warned that it was difficult to grow things from seed.

On the plus side, this past weekend was the traditional start of the planting season here.  From my office window I can see the entrance of a well-known nursery, and Saturday the traffic there was unbelievable.  I’m surprised somebody didn’t get shot.  Sunday afternoon it wasn’t so bad, and we went over and got some seedlings to plant: chard, okra, rosemary, eggplant, squash, something else I cannot remember right now, as well as organic bug killer: $40.47.

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