How ’bout them apples?

pickingAnother trip to Huber’s big farm in Indiana.  This time we went to pick apples, right from the tree.  We rode the tractor-pulled trailer out into the orchard, where the trees were just loaded with apples.  I was amazed at the amount of fruit on each tree, easily dozens of apples.  I wondered how they got so many blossoms pollinated.  It must have taken an entire herd of bees.  (Note to self: look up the collective noun for “bees”.  It’s probably not “herd”.)  And then how did they keep the birds from eating all the fruit (I may not really want to know the answer to that one; just wash the apples thoroughly before eating).

me.and.pieWe also took advantage of this trip to pick up some inexpensive local produce, including squash, greens, potatoes, as well as a Jack-O’Lantern pumpkin.  My wife says Michael Pollan is full of it when he says to have to spend a lot of money to eat well; you just have to know how to cook.  Here I am with a delicious Huber’s rhubarb pie.
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