A nice place to hike, if you have a horse

I had planned on doing some hiking while we visited Mammoth Cave Park.  I bought a fancy National Geographic topo map that showed miles of hiking trails through the hills and woods, packed my Camelbak, laced up my boots, and headed off.horses.on.trail

On the way to the trailhead, we had to stop at the ferry.  While waiting on the ferry, I read the park notices.  One notice stated that all hiking trails in the area are available for horseback riding.  I don’t like hiking on horse trails, for a number of reasons.  I went on ahead and drove to the trailhead to scope out the situation, and when we got there, sure enough, it was just horse trailer after horse trailer after horse trailer.  So I got back in the car and left the park.

This week at work I was mentioning this experience to some of my coworkers and one said that his buddy was headed to the park to do some mountain biking earlier this summer.  He had biked there before in the past, and called ahead to see what the trail conditions were.  He was informed that the park no longer had any mountain bike trails.  They had all been converted to horse trails.

I guess this is what I should expect in Kentucky.

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