Goosing Chickens

Country folks are not dumb.  And once again, they have proven that city folks will actually pay for the privilege of doing country chores.


Some of the 150 chickens on the farm

After visiting Mammoth Cave National Park, we spent the weekend at a lovely B&B in Priceville, Kentucky.  The B&B is part of an actual small farm; the owner raises chickens.  The roosters wake you up at sunrise with a hearty Cock-a-Doodle-Doo.  And twice a day guests can put on chicken-poop-resistant boots and go collect eggs from the hens.  Charlaine got a big kick out of this, but I passed on the opportunity.  I did enjoy the big screening room they had in the basement; I watched the original Muppet Movie.  I had forgotten what an excellent film it was.

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