A visit to the bird sanctuary

Caelyn meets an Eastern Screech Owl

One Granddaugther meets an Eastern Screech Owl

The kids came up for Christmas weekend, and today we took them to visit the bird sanctuary where CVH volunteers.  They got to see a barn owl, eastern screech owl, and a peregrine falcon up close and personal.

Caelyn meets a Barn Owl

Now she meets a Barn Owl

After the visit, we took Grandchild One to the library to see if they had any books on birds of prey.  I was amazed to see that they had about a dozen books on owls alone.  We left with our hands full.

We all went out to lunch for dim sum.  In general, this was well received, although not everyone’s appetite was whetted by the black egg congee, particularly once they found out what a black egg was.

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