The old schoolhouse ain’t what it used to be

Today I helped with a seminar put on by one of the professional security groups that I belong to. One of the group members had connections at a local university, and she arranged the use of a lecture hall at their College of Technology and Design.

We arrived at the college early this morning and got into the lecture hall. I found the jack for the speaker system and plugged in my MP3 player so that we could listen to Rimsky-Korsakov while setting up. I checked out the projector and made sure that our computers could connect and display on the big screen. Everything was working great until I noticed a strange anomaly – there were no lecture boards.

Now, I realize that they don’t use chalk and blackboards anymore, but I did expect to see whiteboards in a lecture hall. No. I went up and down the hall, looking in the other rooms to see if they used portable ones. No. How does one give a lecture without boards? I know you can write on the computer, but that’s only one screen. Or maybe it’s automatically broadcast on stored onto the student laptops? Whatever it is, it is very different from lectures when I was in college. Guess I need to sign up for some courses.

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