It snows in Chicago in the winter

Woke up to massive amounts of snow falling on downtown.  Fortunately, the free breakfast at the hotel included biscuits and gravy so I was able to steel myself for the ordeal.

We took the brown train and rode around town a little, looking out at all the snow falling.  At one stop, there was a herd of young people dressed up in various holiday costumes, apparently going to a party or theatrical event; one woman had a huge polar bear head hat on, and I’m sorry I do not have a picture, as it was rather impressive.

Marshall Field Xmas TreeThe train eventually brought us back into town and we visited Marshall Fields (Macy’s) to see the big tree in the Walnut Room.

For lunch, we went to Watertower Place, which was packed to the gills with people.  Nasty weather does not deter Chicagoans from their Xmas shopping, which I suppose makes sense, as otherwise they probably would never get any Xmas shopping done.  Me, I’d get mine done by September.

On the way back to our hotel, we passed the Hershey’s store and decided to drop in.  Oh, what a wonderful aroma.  We stayed for chocolate cake and chocolate coffee and still had trouble tearing ourselves away.

Trilobytes at the Park Hyatt

We also passed the Hyatt Park Chicago, and decided to see if there were any Christmas displays there.  Whoa!  No, not even a tree in this extreme minimalist lobby.  But off to the side, in a reading area, was a display of some obviously very expensive trilobites.  What a trilobyte-crazy town this is!

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