Bernheim Fall Festival

ColorFest banner

Each year, the Bernheim Forest has a Fall Festival called “ColorFest”, and CVH dragged me down there this year.  Once I got there, I had a wonderful time.  When you live here in the Midwest, and the cold grey spectre of Winter begins to appear on your time horizon, everybody starts running around like crazy to take advantage of the last few weekends of decent weather before we are locked up for six months.  Today was no exception to this.

The trees were all turning color, so we drove around and looked at them first, and then went into the fair area.  There was a big vegetable and herb garden (I was so jealous), a pumpkin-flingers (similar to what we called in college “funnelators”), food vendors (I had a fancy hot dog; CVH had the lobster bisque), an African drum band (check out Bolokada Conde on your favorite music service – this guy is the real deal!), the honeybee people, the purple martin people, antique tractors, a mud pie kitchen (quite nice, actually), salamanders, turtles, snakes, flax spinners, and a number of booths and vendors, including one with a couple of alpacas.  I got one of Bolokada’s CDs and this alpaca headband:



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