Dinner and a cruise

Daytime; we went at night

The cruise in the daytime; we went at night

This evening we went down to the Chicago river for one of the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s river cruises.  This was a wonderful trip, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has the least interest in American architecture.  The docent was extremely knowledgeable, and you get a great view of the city at night.  If you visit Chicago, make sure you take this cruise if nothing else.  There is a bar on the boat; if you need a drink, be sure and get one before the cruise starts, because the docent will talk non-stop and you won’t want to miss a bit.

Not considered a big deal in Chicago

Not considered a big deal in Chicago

If you are from Houston, note that you will only see one Philip Johnson building, and the docent will probably not say much about it or Mr Johnson.  Ours didn’t.

There are lots of boat cruises on the river; this one focuses on the wonders of Chicago’s beautiful (and not-so-beautiful) buildings.  If you are looking for a party cruise, look elsewhere.

After the cruise, we stopped at the huge Walgreens at State and Randolph.  I’m mentioned this two-story, 2500+ meter2 Walgreens before.  We got a newspaper and some decent tiramisu.  Decent for $2.79, anyway.

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