Lincoln Square

Shopping this morning at the mall in the little neighborhood of Lincoln Square.  There were lots of stores, including a couple of great toy stores, an old-fashioned style apothecary, a nice bookstore, and Gene’s Sausage Shop.

Gene's Sausage Shop

Gene’s Sausage Shop

Gene’s is a real find.  Wonderful sausage, deli items, groceries, and imported items at by far the best prices we saw anywhere in Chicago.  You can’t miss the big cow out front. Or is that a steer?

That stuff on the roof is where you eat.

That stuff on the roof is where you eat.

And be sure not to miss their rooftop dining (weather permitting, of course, which is not that often in Chicago).

CVH on Gene's rooftop

CVH on Gene’s rooftop

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACVH had the Hunter’s Sausage and a Greek salad. The Hunter’s Sausage was absolutely superb. Note, however, that the Greek salad has no lettuce. Corn instead. Very Midwestern.

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